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About Me

Alcides “Aces” Vides

Simple Dad, Super Mission…

A father was something I always knew I wanted to do become.

I have been blessed to have had amazing parents who helped shape me into the man I am today. Their lessons and teaching have served me well, and I hope to pass on many of their values and experiences on to my child. But from the moment I saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test, it dawned on me how little I was actually prepared for this endeavour.

There is always a certain degree of “I Got This” attitude that I think all soon-to-be parents possess. Otherwise, I don’t think anybody would ever get pregnant. Once things are set in motion and you start to closely examine everything that goes into preparing for a baby (and beyond) is when reality really sets in.

One thing that became abundantly clear to me as I started researching on “How to be a supportive partner during pregnancy” was the lack of resources available for (soon-to-be) Dads.

There are hundreds of books, websites, blogs, etc for women who are expecting, as there should be, but I was surprised that the other side of the equation isn’t talked about as much.

That’s where the idea for “Super Dad” was born.

It’s my belief that there are tons of (soon-to-be) Dads out there who want to be exactly that … “Super Dad”. This doesn’t mean that they want super powers, but let’s face it, every Mom out there is a “Super Mom”. How can us guys ever compete with the fact that our partners are creating a life inside of them? I mean, we can argue “it takes two” to create a life, but the reality is that after our initial contribution it can be hard not feel like we are sitting in the passenger seat for rest of the ride.

At least that’s how I was feeling for the first few weeks of our pregnancy, and it made me to start asking myself all these questions…

What else can I be doing?

How is my partner feeling?

What is she going through?

What things should I be preparing for?

Do I even know how to change a diaper?

Does feeling this overwhelmed make me a Bad Dad?

… and so many more.

The more I thought about all these things, the more I realized I had more questions than answers, and I felt like I was letting my future baby down… How can I already be such a Bad Dad?

Then it hit me.

Would a “Bad Dad” have all these questions?

Would a “Bad Dad” be so worried about trying to be the best Dad they could be?

Would a “Bad Dad” be willing to research and learn as much as they could to get answers for things they didn’t know?

Of course not! That’s just how Super Dad’s are made.

Unlike our “Super Mom” partners who have been blessed with the super powers of creating life. Super Dads are forged from the fires within us to want to be the best Dads we can be for our families. We have to go out there and earn our Super status by putting in the work, learning as we go, and growing along the way.

My goal is that this website serves as a resource for all you Super Dads out there to help you find the answers to the many questions you might have, and if you have one that you don’t see answered within the pages of this site, please feel free to email me or reach out to me any time so that I can try my best to help you find an answer.


Alcides ” Aces” Vides

Founder + Author